Docsend Document Sharing Platform Review

Every business has a document flow. It is a set of information that is created and circulated in the company or comes from outside or is created to provide outside the company. In this article, we will explain why it is highly recommended to use Docsend.

How Is the Exchange of Primary Documents with Docsend Sharing Platform?

The COVID-19 pandemic has only strengthened our conviction that the challenges of meeting the needs of employees are not a separate but an integral part of companies seeking to take full advantage of the value and benefits of the technologies they implement. As companies search for ways to adapt their work processes to the crisis, it has become clear that in many, but not all, countries around the world, technology is not the biggest challenge. Where this problem is most acute, the crisis has highlighted digital inequalities in countries, regions, rural communities, and cities with a lack of access to modern digital technologies, including the Internet.

Electronic document management systems as well as document sharing platforms, at a minimum, replace the preparation and processing of documents, optimizing labor costs. However, the real power of electronic document exchange lies in the fact that it standardizes and structures the information conveyed in business documents and stores it centrally.

The whole process of the Docsend document sharing platform is nothing more than the transfer of information from the computer of one company to the computer of another company in external e-document exchange or from department to department in internal. By analogy with regular email, it is clear that the document is at the addressee in a second. So, conditionally in a second, you can close a deal, coordinate documents, place an order with documents, and so on.

The only directory of Docsend electronic document templates with the following attributes:

  • mandatory controls;
  • signature set for documents;
  • route of the document (unilateral – invoice, bilateral – act, consignment note);
  • possibility to order a paper document.

It is obvious that the Docsend Document Sharing Platform in comparison with paper allows bringing the planning of the enterprise, accounting, and control at all stages of management to a new level. The Docsend system will allow you to quickly, in real-time, monitor the status of the document, monitor the execution of orders, and conduct a detailed audit of actions. The elDoc system supports the functionality of automatic reminders about events in the system by sending emails.

The Most Effective Functions of Docsend

Docsend is a high-tech enterprise-level solution developed on modern technologies for the automation of document exchange processes and organization of electronic document management with “No Code” capabilities:

  • a new generation system for comprehensive automation of document exchange processes;
  • everything you need to work effectively: 24/7 access from any device, simple and clear interface;
  • is more than electronic document management: collaboration on documents, process designers, form designers, electronic archives, monitoring, analytics, reporting, organizational structure, CRM, and more.

Stages of work with the Docsend Document Sharing Platform include the following actions with documents:

  • creation;
  • processing;
  • sending/transmitting;
  • receipt/confirmation of receipt (if necessary);
  • using;
  • storage;
  • destruction

Pay attention! The program has a convenient feature – creating some primary documents based on others. To do this, you need to select the primary document and through the menu File – Create based on which documents you want to create. Created documents will open in separate tabs and be filled with data from the selected primary document.